23-24 Registration Opens August 25th!

Work Exchange Program

The Work Exchange Program at Allegro Dance Arts if for the parent who would like to work in exchange for their child's dance classes. This program is primarily offered to those who are in financial need. We are always looking for positive and reliable help who enjoy being a part of the Allegro family. The studio is a very positive learning environment and we count on our staff and work exchange help to create this caring atmosphere.

How it works

The first step to participate in the Work Exchange Program is to complete and sign the application. Take your time completing the form. We need help with many different things from weekly cleaning to special once a year projects like recital and pre-registration.

The second step is to return the application as soon as possible. Applications are taken on a first come first serve basis. If your application is turned in during pre-registration season (April-May) or over the summer, you will find out about your participation status in August. If you turn in your application during the dance season, you will know in one month.

Work exchange participants work "hour for hour" — one hour of work equals one hour of dance class tuition. Participation requires a one month trial basis - at the end of that month your ledger will be credited for completed hours. Participants must notify the office in advance in case of absence: a two week notice for planned absences and ASAP for sudden illness or emergency. Work exchange participants are expected to act in a professional manner as they represent Allegro. People who successfully participate in the program:
work well with others
are reliable and positive
are committed to their work and the Allegro vision
have a good work ethic.

Allegro will do its best to fit your scheduling needs and to match your skills. We will provide supervision and on the job training.

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