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ORDER ITEMS: Need an item for dance, the Allegro Dancewear Store can order it in. So, why order through Allegro Dancewear Store?

1. It saves you money … Ever see a great price online, go to order it, only to realize the shipping was going to be at least $8? Ever need to exchange an item, and realize you have to now pay more shipping?

2. You know you are getting the right items for a class, recital, Nutcracker, or competition piece… It’s two weeks before the show and you realize your daughter has a run in her tights, and her jazz teacher said something about tan tights. Both of those situations are easily handled at the Allegro Dancewear Store. You know the tights will match the rest of the class and arrive on time.

3. It saves you time and energy…Put that all together-- no time spent dealing with returns, no energy wasted on finding the right items and your life is easier!

With our new online feature, you can browse both Revolution Dancewear or Designs for Dance. Over the years, these two companies have proven to offer the best prices and offer the best delivery time.

Revolution Dancewear

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Style/Level Item/Color Price
Creative Pink Tights $7.00
Pre-Ballet Pink Tights $7.00
Ballet 1, 2, 3 Pink Tights $8.00
Jazz 1, 2, 3 Tie or Boot Style Shoe $26.00
Tap 1, 2, 3 Jazz Oxford Style Shoe $23.00
Tap 1, 2, 3 U-Shell Shoe $19.00

Designs For Dance

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Style/Level Item # Color/Description Price
Creative, Pre-Ballet, Ballet 1, 2, 3 S14C Sansha Pink Canvas Ballet Shoe $12.00
Creative, Pre-Ballet, Ballet 1, 2, 3 B40 Balera Pink Leather Ballet Shoe $16.00
Ballet 3, 4, 5 PRO1C Sansha Pink Canvas Ballet Shoe $16.00
Competition TAP CG09 Capezio Black Tap Shoe $60.00
TAP 4, 5 (Bargain) CG17 Capezio Black Tap Shoe $40.00
High heels (Character Shoe) D900 Balera Black Character Shoe $27.00
Urban 4, 5 (Illusion) L156 Leos Nude $15.00
PAWS/PADDED PAWS   See store for size & cost  
Footed TAN Tights T99(C) Balera Lt. Suntan $8.00
Footed TAN Tights (Comp Grade) 1815 Capezio Lt. Suntan $12.00
Stirrup TAN Tights (Comp Acro) 1861 Capezio Lt. Suntan $14.00
Convertible TAN Tights (Bargain T90(C) Balera Lt. Suntan $8.00
Convertible TAN Tights (Comp Grade) 1816 Capezio Lt. Suntan $12.00
Badytights 1811 Capezio Lt. Suntan $18.00

We strongly recommend all competition tap dancers wear the CG09 tap shoes. They have the best sound, are lightweight, great for tricks, durable, and affordable.

THE ALLEGRO LINE: In addition to carrying basic dance supplies, we sell fun and exciting dance apparel and accessories, including our own “Allegro Line” with new designs coming out just in time for the Christmas Holiday. Check back in November for updated styles and items.

HOURS: Please stop in or call the front desk for available hours.

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