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Competition Team

Allegro competition dancers participate in two different competition circuits: Competitive Artistic Dance and Competitive Cheer and Cheer Dance. The Mission of all Allegro Dance Arts Competition Teams is for the individual dancer to develop their skills in: team work, discipline, confidence, integrity, talent, and artistry. By giving 100% and working positively in a group, a dancer learns dedication, cooperation, and respect for others and her/himself; practices for future success in life.


The Competition team is for a dancer who:
1. Dreams of doing more with dance
2. Can commit the time, energy and heart
3. Works hard to achieve goals
4. Loves to dance

A competition dancer rehearses with a choreographer one to two hours per week. For every hour in rehearsal, dancers are expected to work 3-5 hours outside of rehearsal. Rehearsals may start as early as summer and run throughout the year. She/he will perform in three competitions in March, April, and May and may be asked to dance in area pageants and special events.

To qualify to join a team, a dancer must be four years old, study in the style they wish to compete, dance exclusively at Allegro, audition, and complete a competition agreement and questionnaire.


Artistic Competition Entry Fees: $42-48 for groups, $44-54 for duets/trios, $95-115 for solos.

Artistic Costume Fees: Variable. Costumes more than $75 will be discussed before purchase.

Cheer Uniform and Entry Fees: Variable.

Rehearsal fees: Groups are regular tuition plus $2.50/hour, duets and trios are $6.25/hour, solos are $12.50/hour, and company production is $10/month.

Fundraising opportunities are available and optional to pay for all competition fees.

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