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Training Timeline

Level 1: The 3-5 year old dancer

Develop motor skills and rhythm in pre-ballet, tap, or tumbling classes. One or two of the above styles of dance per week are recommended.

Level 2: The 5-7 year old dancer

Train in basic technique. Consider adding jazz or hip hop. Take ballet for a solid foundation.

Level 3: The 8-11 year old dancer

If dancing for fun or fitness continue to study in your current classes. If you are serious about developing skill level and/or a career in dance, continue in ballet, prepare for and begin pointe work, participate in the competition group, and demonstrate for lower level classes.

Level 4: The 12-18 year old dancer

If dancing for fun and fitness, continue to study in your current classes, and consider adding a new style. For serious dancers, study all forms of dance, work toward becoming an assistant teacher, participate in the competition group, attend summer intensives, master classes, and conventions.

Level 5: the 16 year old to adult dancer

In addition to Level 4 goals, become an assistant teacher and look into college dance programs that suit your needs. Most colleges and universities have dance teams for recreational dancer; many have dance majors and minors for the serious dancer. The serious dancer should consider auditioning and training with a professional company, or audition and pursue a career in commercial dance. Study in adult classes and enrich life with the art of dance.

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