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Dance Styles

We nurture the spirit of dance in a variety of styles.


Considered the foundation for solid dance training, ballet is beautiful, expressive movement characterized by lightness, grace and ease. Ballet’s roots go back to 1600’s and the court of Louis the XIV. Like contemporary forms, ballet has evolved to reflect the times. Ballet is a must for students who are serious about pursuing dance in college or as a career.


Jazz is a truly American dance form that rose from African, Caribbean and Black dance. This ever evolving dance style runs a vast spectrum: blues, lyrical, Broadway, "hot”", "cool", modern, West Coast, East Coast, Rock, Afro-Jazz, Latin, Calypso, Urban, and more. Jazz dance is characterized by its sense of resistance, earthiness, freedom, and embracing of popular music and entertainment.


Focusing on creating rhythm with their feet, tap dancers could also be billed as musicians, playing rich phrases of rhythms with dynamics, expression and variety. From the beginning, tap combined the upright crisp footwork of Irish step dance, the polyrhythmic earthiness of African dance, the complex musicality of jazz, ballet bodylines, and the vitality of street dance.


Tumbling is a skill based class where students learn rolls, cartwheels, handstands, walkovers, handsprings, tucks, aerials, and much more. In addition to its use in dance, tumbling is also used extensively in gymnastics, cheerleading, and diving. Acro classes involve difficult feats of power, flexibility, and coordination and are by invitation only.


Hip Hop encompasses breakdancing, step, pop, lock, liquid, B-boy, freezes, freestyle, and whatever is next on the urban scene. Hip hop dance is an expression of the cultural urban voice. At first, hip hop is vibrant energetic fun. In the end, it is deep and has meaning for each dancer. "You feel it, you respect it, understand it, you share it."

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