Competition Group

The Competition Team Mission

The Mission of the Allegro Dance Arts Competition Team is for the individual dancer to develop their skills in: team work, discipline, confidence, integrity, talent, and artistry. By giving 100% and working positively in a group, a dancer learns dedication, cooperation, and respect for others and her/himself; practices for future success in life.


The Competition team is for a dancer who:

  1. Dreams of doing more with dance
  2. Can commit the time, energy and heart
  3. Works hard to achieve goals
  4. Loves to dance

A competition dancer rehearses with a choreographer one to two hours per week. For every hour in rehearsal, dancers are expected to work 3-5 hours outside of rehearsal. Rehearsals may start as early as summer and run throughout the year. She/he will perform in three competitions in March, April, and May and may be asked to dance in area pageants and special events.

To qualify to join the team, a dancer must: be at least seven years old, have three years prior training, compete in a style they study, dance at Allegro Dance Arts exclusively, study at least two dance forms, and have danced at Allegro for one year. Ballet is recommended for dancers competing in jazz. Some choreographers will require dancers to audition. All competition dancers must complete competition questionnaire, agreement, and schedule.


Competition entry fees are: $24-30 for groups, $35-50 for duets/trios, $70-95 for solos

Costume fees are: Variable. Costumes more than $75 will be discussed before purchase.

Rehearsal fees: Groups are regular tuition plus $2.50/hour, duets and trios are $6.25/hour, solos are $12.50/hour, and company production is $10/month.

Fundraising opportunities are available and optional to pay for all competition fees.


Competition Agreement (Dancer Contract) (PDF file)

Competition Team Application (PDF file)


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